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Ecard Image

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This is what an ecard looks like to the person receiving it. In this card it is puffins on a rock. There are over 400 photos in the built-in photo library, and subscribers can choose whichever photo they want to use in a card.

See the background colour that fills the browser? When you set up your card, you can choose from a set of complementary background colours to make the photo look its best on the web site when the recipient views it.

Finally, there is enough space to write a long message or just a few words, it's entirely up to you. Either way, it's nice to know you can write up to approximately nine hundred words in your message if you want.

Why Not Just Use Email?

Yes, some of this can be done by email, and there is no doubt that email works and it’s a great utility. But that is also its limitation, because however useful it is, it is not pretty.

Ecards are a much more attractive way to communicate, any day and every day.

With best wishes from
The Half Moon Cards Team

John Smith
Elliot Smith
Half Moon Cards