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The purpose of this sample ecard is to show you what an ecard looks like to the person receiving it. In other words, this is what the recipient sees.

And what they see in this example is a photograph of puffins sitting in a rock. It is a photograph chosen from almost 400 photos in the built-in library in Half Moon Cards. Subscribers have access to the photos and can choose whichever they want to use.

Another thing they will see is the background colour all around the text and the photo, filling the browser window. Subscribers have access to a colour picker with which they choose the colour they think complements the photo.

Finally, there is the message itself, with enough space to write approximately nine hundred words. If you compare other ecard services, you will find that they usually only have space for you to write a few words.

What Happens After You Click To Send The Ecard

While you are here, you may be wondering what happens after the subscriber sends the ecard winging on its way.

What happens then is that within a minute or so the recipient receives an email. It says who the card is from and it contains a unique link. When the recipient click that link, they are brought to Half Moon Cards where they can read the ecard.

Something else happens when the recipient clicks the link. The Half Moon Cards recognises that they link has been clicked and it emails the subscriber telling them that the recipient opened the card.

That way the sender gets peace of mind because they know that the recipient has seen their ecard.

Sending To More Than One Person At A Time

Subscribers can send a card to up to five recipients. And if they do that, then the system sends the subscriber an email for each recipient who clicks their unique email link.

That way the subscriber knows when each and every recipient has opened the ecard.

Subscribers Can Send As Many eCards As They Like

There is no limit to the number of cards that a subscriber can send in a year, as long as it's to friends and family - no spamming strangers of course. And it is all web-based, so there is no software to download, and all you need is an internet connection.

And they can use the same photo as many times as they like, or choose a different photo - it's up to them, whatever they want.

Why Not Just Use Email?

Yes, some of this can be done by email, and there is no doubt that email works and it’s a great utility. But that is also its limitation, because however useful email is, it is not pretty.

Ecards are a much more attractive way to communicate, any day and every day.

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