Prices shown by person at the computer illustrating the benefit of half moon cards and the low cost and high value
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The subscription prices are simple. One year of unlimited ecards is $25.00. The price for two years is $45.00, and for three years it’s $60.00. You can see that it works out cheaper per year if you choose a multi-year subscription.

If this is what you wanted to know, and you would like to subscribe, click the button to subscribe today.

If you would like to know more about why design matters, read on.

Value For Money

What do we mean when we speak about prices? We are usually talking about value for money. And design is part of value, even for utility items. For example, when we are buying an item like a waste basket, then for which room it is intended? If it’s the living room, then the design is more important that for some other rooms. And we will pay a little extra for the right ‘look’.

It’s the same for cards. When we send traditional paper cards, we spend a bit of time choosing the right design.

And yes, paper cards have their place, as shown by the fact that millions of cards are sent every year.

Sometimes, however, it is inconvenient to send a paper card. There are lots of reasons but whatever the reason, it’s good to be able to communicate almost immediately.

Of course, there is always email. But email is never going to be pretty. And when we want to show we care, an email just doesn’t cut it.

When we care about how we communicate to please the recipient, we spend a bit of time choosing the right design.

That’s where ecards come in. For the price of three or four traditional paper cards you can send an unlimited number of ecards to friends and family for a whole year. And with hundreds of designs to choose from and the low cost, they are a no-brainer.