How many ecards can I send?

All subscriptions entitle you to send as many cards as you like, using as many photos from the image library as you like. The limits being that you may only send cards to people you know personally. You may not send defamatory messages, nor spam people, nor send cards to business contacts for marketing purposes. For the full list of prohibited behaviour, please refer to the Terms Of Use.

Can I send cards to people I have met in business?

Yes, if you have developed a relationship with them, but not for marketing purposes and not to business prospects that you don’t know.

How many photographs can I use?

You can use all the photographs from the built-in library, and all are all available for you to use. You can use the same photograph repeatedly, or you can use a different photograph in each ecard you send. It’s entirely up to you.

Where do your source the photographs?

The great majority of the photographs are ours. That is, we took the photographs and created the designs and illustrations. For the very few photographs where this is not the case you will see a search term ‘external file’ that will indicate the photograph is either in the public domain or has been authorised for reuse. In percentage terms, more than 99% of the photographs on this site are ones we created.

How do I send an ecard?

Start by choosing a photograph you want to use in your ecard. Then choose a background colour that complements your chosen photograph. The background colour will fill the browser, so that when the recipient reads your cards, they will see the photograph and text, and around that will be the colour you chose.

Now write a headline greeting, and write your message. You can write pretty much as much as you want, up to six thousand characters. That’s about 900 words or three full size typewritten sheets of paper.

Now add the email address and name of the person you are sending your card to. If it’s the first time you are writing to them, then when you add a new recipient, you can tell the system to add their details to the list of your contacts in your account area. That way, the next time you want to write to them you can bring up their name and email address with one click.

Now it is time to check that everything looks good, and once you’ve checked – click to send your card.

How do I style the message I write in an ecard?

Fonts: There are lots of different fonts you can choose when you write your card. Below the sections for the greeting and the body of the message, you will see ‘Font’. Click the dropdown and it will show you all the fonts you can choose. You can choose the same font with every card you send or you can choose a different font for every card. It’s up to you.

Text Styling: Here is how you can style the text in the body of the message you are writing.

*Bold* Put an asterisk either side of the text (one word or several words) that you want to make bold.
~Italics~ Put a tilde either side of the text you want to make italicised.
-Strike- Put a mid dash either side of the text you want to show struck through.
_Underline_ Put an underline either side of the text you want to underline. 

Links: To put a link in the body of your message, simply write the URL (the web address) to add the link. However, don’t write the https or the http – just put the rest of the link, such as in this example: www.mysite.com.

What happens after I click the ‘send’ button?

Now you have sent your ecard winging on its way. What happens then?

What happens is that the system sends an email to the recipient. For example, if your name was Tom Jones and you send a birthday ecard to Mary Smith, then Mary would receive an email with a subject line that would read:

To Mary Smith: Tom Jones has sent you a Happy Birthday ecard via Half Moon Cards.

The email contains a link with a unique identifier, and when Mary clicks the link she is taken to a unique page on Half Moon Cards visible only to her where she can view the ecard.

When Mary views your ecard, the system recognises that she clicked the link in the email and sends an email to you to tell you that she clicked the link. That way you are not left wondering whether Mary has seen your card.

And if you were to send an ecard to more than one person (you can send a card to up to five people), then you would get an email from the system telling you when each of those people clicked the link in your card.

You may be wondering whether each of those recipients would know to whom else you had sent the card. Of course, if you address the card to all the recipients they would know you are writing to them all. But if not, every email is secured so that no one would know to whom else you had written that particular card.

Can I schedule an ecard to be sent later?

Yes you can, and it’s a great idea for when you are travelling or don’t want to risk missing an occasion because you are tied up with something else.

It’s easy to schedule an ecard to be sent at a later date. When you are in the Compose page writing your ecard, all you have to do is choose the date you want it to be sent. You will see the calendar that enables you to send a card immediately or later. If you want you can schedule your ecard to be delivered up to a month later.

The only thing to watch in this connected world is Time Zones. If you write your card at one minute to midnight, and want the card to go two weeks later to someone in Japan, it’s just possible that your card will tip over and be sent the day after you specified. Our advice is to leave yourself a little wiggle room if the date is really important.

Can you suggest some greetings I could use?

You can type any greeting you want in your ecards, – such as ‘Happy Birthday Colin’ for example. The only constraint is that there’s a character limit of 25 characters. That’s so that the greetings fit on one line.

In our previous site we had a list of pre-configured greetings that subscribers could choose from. We have listed them here for reference, and we recommend you take a look for inspiration for your own greetings.

Be My Valentine
Belated Congratulations
Best Of Luck
Best Wishes
Bon Voyage
Feel Better Soon
Get Well Soon
Glad All’s Well
Glad You’re Feeling Better
Good Afternoon
Good Evening
Good Luck
Good Morning
Happy Anniversary
Happy Belated Birthday
Happy Birthday
Happy Chanukah
Happy Christmas
Happy Easter
Happy Father’s Day

Happy Fourth of July
Happy Halloween!
Happy Holidays
Happy Mother’s Day
Happy New Year
Happy Passover
Happy Rosh Hashana
Happy St Patrick’s Day
Happy Thanksgiving
Happy Trails
Happy Valentine’s Day
Happy Wedding Day
Have Fun!
Hope All’s Well
Hope You Feel Better
How Nice Of You!
How Thoughtful Of You
Just Because
Just Touching Base
Keep Safe
Kisses for You

Let’s Celebrate!
Love You
Many Thanks
Merry Christmas
Miss You
Missing You
My Apologies
New Baby!
Season’s Greetings
Shana Tova
Speedy Recovery
Thanks Again
Thank You
Thinking of You
Welcome Back
Well Done!
Wish You Were Here
With Sympathy
You Are Welcome
Yuletide Greetings

Can the person I send a card to reply to me directly?

Yes, the person you send a card to can see your email address in the link they receive. So if they want to reply they just hit the reply button and they will be able to email you directly with an email.

Where can I see the latest photographs that have been added to the library?

You can see the latest photographs in the ‘Recently Added’ page. You can find this by following the link in the Navigation Menu at the foot of every page.

What are the subscription options?

You have three options. You can subscribe for one, two, or three years, whichever you prefer.  It’s cheaper per year with a multi-year subscription.

Subscriptions are priced in US dollars, and the equivalents in British pounds at the time of writing are listed in brackets in this list.

  • $25.00 for one year [£18.30]
  • $42.00 for two years [£30.75]
  • $54.00 for three years [£39.50]

If you want to be sure of the price in pounds at the time of subscribing, we suggest you use one of the online converters. Google has a simple service where you can just type in ‘What is $25.00 in British pounds?’

How do you take payments?

We take payment for subscriptions by credit card through our payment processor, Stripe, which processes billions of pounds of transactions annually. Your interaction with this site is secured with an encrypted connection (look for the little padlock in the address bar), and payment information is passed directly to Stripe. We do not receive or store credit card information.

How do I log in to my account?

Click on My Account in the navigation menu and write in the username you chose or the email address you used when you subscribed. Your password is emailed to you when you subscribe.

What can I do in my account area?

In your account area you can see the images you have marked as favourites. From there you can click to use them in your ecards or remove from favourites. You can also see the cards you have sent and re-read them if you wish. And you can see and edit your contact list, add new recipients or edit or remove existing recipients. You can also change your password.

Do subscriptions renew automatically?

Subscriptions do not renew automatically. You are always in charge of renewing your subscription. We will send you a reminder with a renewal link shortly before your subscription ends, so you can renew at your convenience.

I missed the email about my subscription ending. What do I do?

When you log in and try to compose an ecard you will see a message that you either need to log in or you need to subscribe to send the ecard. You are already logged in, so you need to subscribe. And that is easy to do – just click the My Account link in the navigation menu and you will see the option to choose your plan to continue your subscription.

What is your cancellation policy?

We don’t usually issue refunds once subscribers start using the service. However, if you subscribe and then quickly decide it’s not for you, let us know and we will be happy to issue a refund for the unused portion of the year.

What is the reference to Flying Twigs?

Half Moon Cards operates under the umbrella of our Flying Twigs brand, and you may see that name on your credit card statement for your subscription.

Do ecards replace paper cards?

This isn’t really one of our frequently asked questions, but it’s good to talk about it. And in answer to whether ecards replace paper cards, no, they don’t. There is a place for both of them. We are based in the UK, where people send the highest per capita number of greeting cards in the world. Not only that, the numbers of cards that people send have remained buoyant through all the changes with social media and the introduction of ecards.

And as we know, paper greeting cards cover the whole range of reasons to send a card, from occasions like birthdays and anniversaries, to ‘just because’. They are special, like a small present.

It’s that very specialness is what makes paper greeting cards unsuitable for sending all the time. Obviously, we wouldn’t send a birthday card when it’s not a birthday, and we wouldn’t send a ‘just because’ card to someone two or three times a week, constantly.

When it’s regular communication, that’s what letters are for. Or nowadays it’s more likely to be email. And there is no question but that email is a great way to communicate. But it is not pretty, not beautifully laid out. It was never meant to be pretty and it can’t be made pretty. And that’s its limitation.

And that is why we make beautiful communications that you can use every day.

Contact us if you are still in doubt about anything after reading these frequently asked questions. The easiest way to contact us is via our Contact page, and we will do our best to help.